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  • Parking Guidance System

    Posted on: Wednesday, Sep 19th, 2018Tags: Parking zone display system|,parking guidance system

    What is parking zone display system?

    A common problem faced by all vehicle owners when they enter a parking zone is to figure out where to park their vehicles. They are unaware of how many parking slots are available (if at all) and where these vacant slots are. The problem gets amplified if the parking space we are dealing with is a multi level parking space....

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  • What is Parking Fee Management System

    Posted on: Tuesday, Sep 04th, 2018Tags: wireless parking, parking fee system, parking management, rfid parking, car parking, automated parking

    What is parking fee management system?

    With the increase in the number of on road vehicles everyday, parking has becoming a commonly faced problem in most metropolitan cities. Parking management systems are thereby, being employed by most companies, shopping malls, tech parks, amusement parks, and other public areas.


    The key advantage of using a well d...

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  • Folding Barrier

    Posted on: Tuesday, Jan 09th, 2018Tags: N/A

    Folding Barrier Gates are used where the ceiling height is low, mainly in basement parking area. Very similar to the typical boom barriers in terms of function and operation, the folding boom barrier comes with a folding arm as visible in the picture. The arm can be of variable length as per requirement. This specialised boom barrier type makes it possible to function in closed spaces, pla...

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