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  • Customized Motorized Vertical Louvers

    Posted on: Monday, May 08th, 2017Tags: Motorized Louvers


    Smartpower Motorized Vertical Louvres are customized in nature, multiple Vertical louvers (say 6 nos) or each up to 2 feet wide and 10 feet height can be used to rotate 45 degree / 90 degree / 180 degree / or any arbitrary degree.

    These are used at louvers in windows and also as partition walls in home or hotel banquet.


  • Tripod Turnstile with Money / RFID card collector

    Posted on: Tuesday, Feb 28th, 2017Tags: Turnstile

    Smartpower Tripod Turnstile with Money / RFID Card collector uses advance currency  / RFID card detector and collector. Once it receives money (it has option to issue receipt) it OPENS the Turnstile gate.

    During Manual mode Money collector doesnot work. 

  • Motorized Sliding & Swing Gates, Turnstiles & Flap Gates

    Posted on: Sunday, Feb 12th, 2017Tags: Flap Gates

    Motorized Sliding Gates & Swing Gates are widely used in Entrance of houses, factories, offices, apartments, Amusement Parks, airports every where. Smartpower Automation provides products and services in this field.

    Motorised Sliding Gates are made of Mild steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum Coated Panels, Woods,marbles etc. It can be upto ...